All About Birthstones
With our quick guide, You'll find out the History of Birthstones and their symbolic meaning. Check the list of Birthstones to find your own!


A list of Birthstones of each month and their descriptions.

January birthstone – Garnet

These fabulous gems come in many colors and shades: green as lakes or red as blood. It is not for nothing that kings and monarchs loved it; it appears in most royal decorations. 

The bright red garnet is the most common color and is therefore associated with passion and vitality. It gives energy and inspiration, especially to those who are endowed with power.

February birthstone – Amethyst

Amethyst is a mineral that can be found all over the world and derives its lovely color from impurities including Iron or Manganese compounds. Amethysts can have a faint violet/mauve hue to a deep purple, depending on how it's heated.

Amethysts have been associated with royalty and power for centuries due to their purple color. Additionally, amethysts are thought to provide spiritual guidance, mental clarity, and healing powers. Jewelry with amethyst will be an amulet that promotes success in business, sports, and love.

March birthstone – Aquamarine

Aquamarines, like pieces of a frozen sea, have colors ranging from deep blue to almost transparent pale turquoise. As far back as the ancient civilization of the Sumerians, these beautiful greenish-blue stones symbolized longevity, happiness, and youth. Adornment with this gemstone would be an ideal gift for a beloved woman or mother.

April birthstone – Diamond

Stunning in their beauty and price, diamonds are the most radiant of stones. Whether clear and pure as a teardrop or fancy colored, diamonds shine so that they cannot be confused with anything else. These are the perfect stone for wedding rings; they bring Long Life happiness to the wearer and protect them from all hazards.

May birthstone – Emerald

This beautiful clear gem can be a deep green color or as gentle as spring greenery. The emerald is reputed to have a calming effect, helping one concentrate and relieve stress. In ancient Rome, it was believed that the emerald helped lovers and prevented adultery. 

Therefore, a ring with such a stone is the best choice for a gift to your beloved.

June birthstone – Moonstone, Alexandrite, Perl

This milky-colored gemstone, reminiscent of the moon's glow, shimmers in motion. Moonstone brings peace and will help relieve stress, restore strength and give energy. Its cold shimmer was associated with the mysterious Moon, so people in ancient times believed it was a small piece of the silvery planet. And jewelry with it makes the wearer eloquent.

July birthstone – Ruby

Because of its deep, bright red color and durability, this gem has always been found in the jewelry of royalty and nobility.The ruby has long been a symbol of strength, beauty, loyalty, dignity, and courage in Europe. A ruby talisman is reputed to ward off betrayal and disease.

August birthstone – Peridot

It is a golden-green stone with an olive shine. Many legends and beliefs are associated with the peridot that it is an excellent talisman for travelers. During the Crusades, knights often took it with them, becoming popular in Europe. And ever since then, people have believed in the incredible power of chrysolite: that the stone brings good luck to active and creative people and gives success in financial matters.

September birthstone – Sapphire

In ancient times, these stones, which have a deep blue color, were considered heaven's stones. They were inlaid on royal scepters, cups, and thrones because they were considered a symbol of wisdom and justice. It was worn by priests and ministers of religion to promote unity between man and God.

Sapphire is perfect for creative people; also, this gemstone awakens the desire for knowledge and improves memory and concentration.

October birthstone – Tourmaline, Opal

It is a stone with many facets; it can be anything, blue, blue, red, or yellow. Furthermore, it changes color depending on the light. In China and India, a tourmaline is said to bring determination and ambition, so it should be worn at job interviews and important meetings. Choosing the right kind will become an exquisite piece of jewelry and a faithful helper.

November birthstone – Topaz, Citrine

Those born in November have two stones. Topaz varies in color from blue to brown, wine yellow, gold, and orange.  It is associated with joy and inspires optimism. And citrine is golden, sometimes amber or orange in color. The gem symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Jewelry with such stones as a birthday gift will be a happy talisman for its owner.

December birthstone – Tanzanite, Turquoise, Zircon

For those born in December, three beautiful stones and jewelry will bring them happiness. The sky-blue turquoise is considered a symbol of love and fidelity. Zircon is a talisman against enemies, enhancing your charisma. And blue and purple tanzanite reflections in the ring are suitable for expressing tender feelings of loving people and giving good luck in your career.